Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wayne DuPage HT 2006

Another fun filled trip to Lamplight EQ Center! I love riding at Lamplight, the atmosphere is so exhilarating and of course the road trips are a blast!

Our dressage wasn't as great this time earning a 43.75 but we got over it and prepared for a great XC ride. The XC course was pretty similar to the Maui course, but it ran backwards which was cool! We jumped around XC double clean which bumped us up into 2nd place! A lot of people had a hard time with the course so I was happy to have run clean.

The show jump course was in the large arena this time, unlike at Maui where we rode in the smaller arena. Hannah felt fresh on Sunday morning as we warmed up.

We entered the ring, saluted and began our course. The first three jumps were great, we got perfect spots to them. As we rounded the turn to the 4th jump, a very upright single vertical rail I focused on the jump and relaxed. At the last second we crashed into the jump almost as if she didn't see it. The whistle blew and we waited for them to re-set the jump, I picked up the canter and waited for the whistle, once the whistle blew we headed towards the jump and she jumped it just fine. After that our course was a little strung out and it cost us three rails and the wait cost us 8 time faults which pushed us back into 10th. Bummer! But yet again, a learning experience for both my horse and me! We weren't about to let that happen again!

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