Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trott Brook Farm Horse Trials 2006

Time for show again! This time we were off to Trott Brook Farms, close to home in Anoka, MN, only about 45m. from the farm. I headed out with Hannah to the show on Friday, unloaded and hacked her around the show grounds. I walked my course and went over my dressage test a few times. I helped some other students walk their courses and we were ready to go!

Saturday morning I was up early braiding Hannah and many others. Then it was my time to get ready. I cleaned Hannah up, but some checkers on her flank and dolled myself up. Our warmup was great and I felt we would have a good dressage ride. Eh, not so much, at least not one of our bests we got a 42.1. Oh well, hopefully we can make up for the dressage score on XC. I walked her back to the stable and removed her dressage gear and got her ready for XC. Once we were both readied for XC we headed up to warm up.

Warm up was a little crazy and she was a little high strung. For many of you riders who compete know that at this point there isn't a whole lot you can do but stay calm yourself and offer your horse the best ride you can. There was one jump I was worried about, a large, upright corner off a bending line.

We were off to a great start and headed up to the middle feild where we jumped a cordwood to the corner. We jumped over the cordwood great and I pointed her towards the corner, but we had a runout and I gave her a quick smack on the flank with my whip and circled back around and jumped the corner. The rest of the course went f ine, but didn't feel great, one of those courses where you just "get around". We weren't getting great spots but we were getting the job done, there is always room for improvement! With the run out we added 5.6 time penalties. Oh well, we walked back to the barn and I hosed her off and wrapped her for the night.

That evening we ate dinner and enjoyed a raffle. Then I walked my show jumping course a few times and headed back to the trailer to sleep. Sunday morning I prepared Hannah for our ride. It was a little slippery as the show jump course is on grass, but we warmed up and headed into the ring. We had a great ride with only two rails and finished in 8th place.

Another great weekend with great people and a lot of learning involved!

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