Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hidden Hollow '06

Hidden Hollow. A show that I had never been to and didn't know of anyone who had, but my friend Joe Mangas was going and offered me a ride. I was excited to go to a place I hadn't ever been. Joe and his parents picked me up on Friday and we were off to the show! It rained the whole way there and we arrived to a muddy mess where a tractor had to be pulling tucks and trailers out of the mud. We were smack dab in the middle of a corn field. It definitely didn't compare to Maui Jim but it was its own fun little show in its own right.

We trudged through the mud with our horses to find our stalls which didn't have stall doors so we had to purchase stall guards. We drug our trunks and gear across the field and organized our stalls. Well at least we had a roof above us so we could hang out while it rained. The rain let up a little later and Joe and I went for a ride. The footing was grass so it was getting muddy and slippery with all the riders riding on it but I put in a good school on Hannah and walked her back to her stall. We took care of the horses for the night and headed to the hotel.

After a good nights sleep listening to the rain on the roof we headed to the barn in the morning, it wasn't raining but the sky didn't look promising for good weather. I tacked Hannah up and got ready for my dressage ride. Although the footing was slippery we were able to put in a 36.3 dressage test, not bad! The show post-poned XC to go on Sunday following show jumping due to the footing. We didn't get anymore rain which was a good thing. Joe and I were off to walk the cross country courses. The course varied from really easy jumps to more tough ones. It looked like a great course with a few good questions, but the footing was a disaster, especially through the woods where the sun couldn't reach the ground to dry out the footing.

Sunday morning the footing had barely dried out but I got ready for show jumping. They told us to wear all of our XC gear for show jumping because we would go directly from show jumping to XC. This was the first time I had done show jumping before XC and Hannah was a little confused, she was really strong through the show jump course but we left all the rails up and were clean on time. I patted her and headed over to the start box for cross country. 3.2.1 and we were off to another Prelim XC course! It was a little slick on the course so I made sure to keep her slower especially through the woods and around turns. We jumped clean but racked up 8.4 time penalties, only one person ran clean on time that day! It was a fun course and we finished in third place!

So far so good, what a great season so far! I so far received blue & yellow ribbons, which ironically are my colors! Royal blue and yellow, so we try to keep it in the theme, preferably with the blue!

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