Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Otter Creek Spring HT 2006

Here we go again, Prelim round number 2! I am ready to roll! Otter Creek is usually known as a harder course in Area IV, but I was prepared and knew just how to ride the fences I had problems with the weekend previous at Longview HT. Dressage was on Friday, I had a lot of horses to braid so I was there early braiding and braiding and braiding!

Finally it was my turn. Tough competition in this division, Becky Holder was in it! We warmed up on grass and the arena was sand so I was a little worried about that but Hannah felt good and she had a lengthened stride (she tends to get short) so I was ready. We entered the ring and I felt as if she was pogosticking around the sand...but no worries we put in a decent test receiving a 40 and putting us in the top 3!

No pressure right? HA! Time for cross country! The course was tough but very negotiable. We had a GREAT round and hit just about a perfect spot on every fence! (www.youtube.com/user/RiderL9) watch the course on youtube! We jumped everything and came in right on the optimum time! So cool, what a great feeling! This secured me into...first place! AH-now the pressure is really on, with tough competitors close on my heels I didn't have room for a rail tomorrow.

I took care of Hannah, hosed, wrapped, walked, fed did all the usual and tucked her in for the night. We had fun at the competitors party and I walked the show jumping course.

Time to ride! Intermediate was the first division to go so we were able to watch a few rides over the course. I warmed up and had a great warmup, she felt good, very refreshed and not tired at all. We entered the arena, saluted the judge, waited for the whistle then began our course. It rode really smooth and we jumped a double clean round! I was ecstatic when I left the arena! It was only our second prelim and we had won! It was such a great feeling!

Now I was really looking forward to see what challenges the rest of the show season would bring to us, and try to defend my win at the fall Otter Creek Horse Trials in '06!

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