Friday, March 21, 2008

2nd show-Trott Brook H.T. 2005

Well after having a great run at Wayne DuPage I just couldn't wait to get out again. We entered Trott Brook Horse Trials in Anoka, MN. An amazingly well organized show and right here at home! Well, we finally got rain and it wouldn't give up. The course was wet but not sloppy as long as we wouldn't have anymore rain.

I trailered Hannah to Trott Brook Friday and unpacked and tacked up and cleaned everything. I reviewed my dressage test and walked my cross country course. The course looked like a blast and I was psyched to get out there. We put in a not-so-lovely 44.5 dressage test, not our best but overall was steady. We were ready to get out on the cross country course.

I walked up to warm up and began a slow warm up and jumped a few jumps and was ready to go. I walked over to the start box and was given a 2 minutes warning when the show announcer announced the show was being "held" due to dangerous conditions of bad weather. It was to be at least 2 hours until the show started again, it was cold and damp and Hannah was already warmed up. I walked her back to her stall, took her saddle and bridle off and put her cooler on to keep her dry and warm. We just had to wait it out. Once the weather seemed to settle the course had changed slightly due to footing issues. All of our ditches were filled with water so I was a little interested to see how Hannah would react to that!

We got out on course and it was a blast. We were getting all of our spots and the course was flowing smoothly, we jumped clean and had .8 for time moving us up the placings. I gave Hannah lots of hugs, kisses and treats that night to pamper her for show jumping the following day.

Of course the day started bright and early when the fog was just lifting from the grassy fields. The show jump course was set and I walked it and carefully studied the lines I was going to follow. We had a great warm up and put in a double clean show jump round to finish in 3rd place! It was amazing and what a great second show ever!

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