Friday, March 21, 2008

Fall 2005

Well...I graduated high school in the Spring of 2005 so it was coming time to make a decision for the fall. I decided to take a year off and do something horse related. I had talked to a lot of people about possibly becoming a working student, that didn't look too promising because although I would have been able to work a lot of my expenses off I wouldn't be able to work off all of them and I couldn't afford to do many of the opportunities that were presented. I flew out to Connecticut and interviewed for a private dressage rider, Julie Solomon, to be her groom. She was amazing, her farm was amazing and her horses were spectacular. She put me through the ropes and had me grooming, tacking up horses, cooling out horses, watching the horses when they were turned out, cleaning tack, cleaning the barn, feeding and etc. Her trainer was also at the farm the weekend I went out for an interview so she had me ride her horses in some lessons. I was so excited that we got along so well and she offered me the job to begin at the end of September.

I had Hannah entered in Otter Creek Horse Trials mid-September so once I finished the horse show it was off to the east coast!

I talked to Liz Turnquist to see if I would be able to bring Hannah out to CT with me to further her training. She said for liability reasons I would have to purchase Hannah if I wanted to take her from the farm, which was completely understandable. Now I just had to figure out how to afford this animal, which by no means is a little thing. I had some money saved up from my riding jobs and other miscellaneous jobs but it wasn't enough. My mom's mom, Betty McGoon offered to help me pursue my dreams of owning my FIRST horse and taking her out east with me. I purchased Hannah on Sunday, September 11th of 2005.

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