Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fox River Valley Pony Club Horse Trials 2007

Let's just say this was a good make up show for my last fall at Otter Creek!

I drove over there with my friends Sydney Turnquist and Nicole Zullo. Like I have stated many times, we love road trips! We had a blast driving over there and talking amongst ourselves. Our friend Meaghan Marinovich and her sister Charlee Marinovich were following us in their rig. We all arrived at the show and found our stalls, unloaded and all rode together. We had dressage and show jumping on Saturday and XC on Sunday.

I was running late for some reason Saturday morning getting ready so I only had about a 10 minute warm up, which seemed to pay off, I just really focused on letting her stretch into my hands and keeping her lengthened and trying to keep her from tensing up. After we all rode dressage we ran to the local tack store and looked around and then returned to walk the show jump course, which was on a large grass field. While during the course I saw a friend of mine, Peter Arndt and he asked me if I was happy with my first place dressage ride. I was just like "WHAT!?!" I wasn't sure if he looked at the score board right because I didn't check after my ride. He said I was in first place after dressage and I was ecstatic, we finished walking our courses and I went over to the score board to double check. Sure enough I put in a great dressage ride receiving a 29.6 securing us in first place. I was so happy!

Now we had to go warm up for show jumping. Hannah was nuts, strong and chomping on the bit. I really had to use all my energy to keep her contained. We put in a great show jump course and only dropped one rail bumping us into 2nd place by .2 or some small margin. I was ready to try my best XC and my goal was to not fall off and at least have 1 of 2 shows completed successfully for the year!

XC was the next morning and it was raining a little bit on and off which made the course a little slick as the footing was mostly dirt. The cross country course looked fun, very flat with only some small hills or man made hills. We flew around the course as carefully as we could regarding the footing and jumped clean while only gathering 3.6 time faults. I was very happy with our performance and patted Hannah and walked back to the barn to hose her off and make sure everyone else had great rides. Once we were all done we began cleaning up and getting ready to leave when they announced that scores were posted for the Preliminary divisions.

We all went to check out the scores. I moved back into first to win the Open Preliminary-A division! So many people had time due to the footing that I was able to move up! Not only did we win our division but we also won two trophies, one for having the lowest Open Preliminary score and the other being the lowest place Preliminary Young Rider. How cool! I took a few pictures with the trophies and our lovely new fleece cooler and we all headed back to pack up and leave. The whole MN group had a great weekend and we were all tired and ready for the long drive home. We packed up and headed home with smiles all around!

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