Friday, September 3, 2010

On the Go

We finally made it to Ohio...only two temporary breakdowns yesterday and a minor stall today, just to have the repair men tell us they don't know what is wrong with the truck...oh well, the truck chugged on and we arrived, after 15 hours of driving at South Farm. A huge thanks to Vicky & Jordynn Sahagian for letting us lay over at theirlovely farm in Barrington, IL!

We unloaded the horses, our stuff and checked in. We walked our course as the sun went down, checked on the horses again and drove over 45 minutes to our hotel...this driving thing is getting a little old! It will be nice to have a couple week break (well break meaning not driving back across the country again until October!) after this one before Otter Creek!

Juliette's dressage has been improving immensely and I hope our hard work will be reflected in our dressage test tomorrow, although after two days of driving, I hope the horses have fully recovered by morning. The XC course looks great, starts out with some nice galloping fences that gradually get larger and then puts us into the water for our first challenging combination. We have a fence, one stride drop into the water, bending line across to a bank out and a few strides to another fence. The coffin looks decent and is set in the woods, a one stride to a ditch and a one stride out. The two corners on the course are single fences, but of significant size (especially on a 13.3 hand pony!) and there is a large, but inviting weldon's wall on the track as well. We have a good bank question up the bounce banks to a steep hill on the other side down to a large log.

Overall the track looks nice and will be a good test for both Juliette & Maria's horse, Peter. Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on how dressage and XC turns out!

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