Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pushing Forward

To say the least I feel stuck in a rut. The last 3 shows have not gone quite according to plan. Yesterday at South Farm was not an ideal day at a show. The rain was pouring down in sheets as it was maybe 50 degrees. It was cold and wet and miserable to say the least. Juliette's dressage was pretty good for her! She was relaxed but kept trying to leave the ring and head back towards stabling... She definitely did not want to be out in the rain and wind! We got a 38.7 - anything under a 40 is pretty good for the little pony!

Maria's horse Pete was pretty stiff and flipped in his counter canter, the judge was very unforgiving and gave her a 40. We headed back to our stalls to try and dry off and get ready for the XC. It was raining hard while we warmed up, you could hardly see and it blowing like crazy. Juliette was jumping fine, but once again kept trying to head back towards the stabling. She just didn't feel on and like she wanted to be out there, not a good feeling heading towards the start box! As we headed out, she felt under confident, backing off at the first few fences, I retired her after fence 5, knowing that what I had underneath me could become dangerous as the course progressed. I would rather be safe and sound to try again when she is more on her game.

Unfortunately, Pete would not go in the water. He stopped at our A element, a cabin followed by a one stride down a bank. He jumped on the second presentation but stopped and backed up, went forward and backed up again down the banks causing the jump judges to excuse them from the course. We decided it would be best for us to head on the road as soon as possible, so we packed up, stripped the stalls and headed out on the road. We stayed again at Vicky & Jordynn Sahagian's in Barrington, IL.

After sleeping in until 8am this morning, we ate breakfast and then headed to the Barrington Riding Center to do some XC schooling. The weather was great, cool and sunny. The horses felt refreshed and happy to be out. We jumped a few fences, and the pony felt "normal" again which was comforting. Peter went right into the water as well as a creek we found to walk the horses through. All in all, it ended with a great school as we prepare for the next Preliminary at Otter Creek Fall Horse Trials.

Though the team took a hit again this weekend, we will keep pushing forward and working hard to achieve our long and short term goals.

This weekend holds the Eventing Derby at Walter & Jean Kunz's farm in Delano, MN. A lot of first time riders will be doing their first show! It will be a blast! Sunday we head off to Hector, MN to the Schweiss Farm to go cross country schooling in preparation for Otter Creek.

Stay tuned...chin up, heels down & keep kickin!

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