Saturday, September 11, 2010

Derby Days!

We finally had some beautiful weather! I think I actually got some color back on my face! It felt good to be outside all day in the sun with a great group of people. Jean & Walter Kunz hosted a Derby at their farm, Steepleview Farm in Delano, MN. It was run great, thanks to everyone who helped out!

I had a lot of students riding, some of them it was their first show! Skye Lundahl, Mia & Gabi Geraci, and Olivia Shirley headed out and each did two rounds on the Starter course. They all learned a lot and had a lot of fun riding, watching and helping everyone out. Next was Alex Lundahl on a new pony, Savannah Ruhs, and Emily Shirley riding at Beginner Novice. They both had a blast figuring out their mounts! Janelle Johnson, Jen Johnson and Savannah Ruhs navigated the Novice course, figuring out the challenges of a higher level and navigating the course beautifully. Kelsie Holbrook, Jen Johnson, Maria Filsinger and myself competed in the Training division. We all had a blast and it seems the pony is back on her game after a slight bit change and some more schooling, she came in first place!

Tomorrow we head off to the Schweiss' farm in Hector, MN to go cross country schooling in preparation for Otter Creek. We are all looking forward to our "hometown" show in a few weeks! Liz Lund Eventing will have good representation! Stay tuned and kick on!

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