Monday, August 30, 2010

Emotional Commitment

4:49am...Finally I am in my comfortable bed, looking at my very full inbox and already planning ahead work for the week before heading off to Ohio.

I had a lot of time to think about the future plans on the long drive home and as I was pondering I took a look at my horoscope just for fun and found it very intriguing...this is what it states:

"If the state of the world, or recent disappointments, or ongoing challenges are causing you to have a rather gloomy view of life right now, you need to find a way to restore your faith in your beautiful destiny. It's easy to get caught up in problems when they seem to keep knocking you down. But you have a purpose in life, and very soon you will have the chance to take on a very important mission - one that involves your reason for being. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and find the inspiration and motivation that will take you where you need to go."

Quite fitting in light of the past few weeks most recent events! I am very thankful for how things happened because they could have been worse, both Hannah B & myself made it home safely and in one piece, although slightly sore! I am already looking forward to seeing all my students this week, catching up on work, bills & emails, prepare for our next event this upcoming weekend and continue to try and plan for a season south this winter!

Not only is this sport my job, it is my passion, and something that I want to share with anyone who feels the same. This sport means a lot to me, I love my horses and my students, I am emotionally committed to what I do. I enjoy helping horses and people learn as they progress through the different stages this grueling sport requires. There are many ups and downs (literally) but we all have to pick ourselves up, dust off and move on! I look forward to the many challenges that will present themselves as I further embark down the road of trying to make it as an upper level event trainer in the state of Minnesota.

I would like to thank everyone for the kind words and motivation to keep on kickin!

Now it is time to catch up on sleep!

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