Tuesday, August 10, 2010


There is nothing like seeing something you want and knowing that it is out of reach...

Horses can be so frustrating at times. Currently I am in the search of a individual that would like to help me out with my goals. I don't have the financial backing to purchase another horse and am hoping to find someone who would enjoy helping me achieve my goals of getting a young horse for the future.

Anyway, unexpected things can also happen. The owner of Juliette, the wonder pony, just informed me today that we will be heading off to the Chicago area on Saturday (yes, in like less then 3 days) to attend the Wayne DuPage one day. Good thing this weekend was open! As I am sure you have heard me state before, making plans with horses is no easy task. My goals with Juliette are to get four solid Preliminary runs under her belt (so far has 1) and tackling the CCI1* course at Midsouth 3Day in Kentucky in the middle of October. Of course this is no easy feat considering I am riding a 13.3 hand pony...although I will be the first to admit my level of confidence in her is quickly rising to equalling my confidence in my own 16.3 hand 2* mare.

It is great to finally have another horse (well a pony) at the upper levels. We are hoping to continue to progress in the dressage as that is not her strong suite and keep tackling the jumping obstacles as they are thrown at us. Stay tuned for our progress throughout the weekend.

As far as Ms. Hannah B goes, we are headed off on the 22nd to Michigan to stay at Philippa Humphrey's farm in Rockford for a few days and then heading down to Richland Park HT. We will be doing the CIC2* and my goal is to finish in the top third of our division. I have had great runs at Richland Park previously and hope to continue to. Last year we had 1 run out at a corner due to pilot error (of course!) but none the less had a great, successful, educational weekend. I will continue to update my blog as often as I can, feel free to give me a shout if it is not often enough! eventrider@lizlund.com

Stay tuned for posts on shows, sale horses, students and more!

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