Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Big Time...

Here it comes! The big time! I am about to head off to Richland Park Horse Trials to compete against the best. I will be running Hannah in the CIC2* against riders like Bruce Davidson, Mara Dean, Eric Dierks, Leslie Law, Phillip Dutton (on 2 horses!), Becky Holder and many other very accomplished riders. So now I am mentally preparing for the next days upcoming events. Most importantly is keeping Hannah happy, healthy and sound. We embark on our adventure tomorrow and arrive late at the horse show. My goals consist of putting in a steady dressage test, as long as I am happy with it I won't let my score bother me. A clean jumping round on the cross country, I will be very happy if we make it in with under 15 time penalties, but most importantly I just want to jump clean and take it easy. Both Hannah & I are very green at this level so I am more looking for a good experience then a blue ribbon...or with this competition any colored ribbon! I look to jump double clean in show jumping, I will have to ride very smart in all three divisions and make sure to stay in the center of Hannah and out of her way.

I look forward to trying to keep everyone posted, I will not have internet access as I am kickin it old school and sleeping in a tent, but I will have my phone! I would love calls of encouragement so please feel free to give me a call anytime! Now it is time to focus on a steady, consistent dressage test!

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Chelsea Janke said...

Good luck girl! We'll be thinking about you - go out there and kick some butt!

Love, Chelsea