Monday, December 31, 2012

The End of 2012 is the beginning of a New Year!!!

Wow...I can't believe today is the last day of 2012! This year really seemed to fly by! So much has happened it is has been a very, very exciting year! I don't even know where to start!

We had a great show season. A lot first time shows for students, Lucy ran her first Preliminary with Lainey Ashker, students got new horses, Maria went off to college, enjoyed a full year at our new barn, Elysium Farms, hosted some clinics, traveled down to Georgia for the AECs, horse shopping trips, new leases, fun trips, and even some fun non horsey activities including family vacations, volleyball, WOW, lake time, snowboarding and more!

I am so thankful for everyone around me. I look forward to a new fun year with everyone! We all have learned so much from this year and look forward to putting our new knowledge to use next year!

I have scheduled out most of the show season, but that is as far as the planning has gone. As far as Lucy goes, I am going to see what happens. I will continue to move her up the levels as we are ready. She sure feels great, now I just have to work on getting my trust back with her. That is the goal for the New Year! TRUST! You have to trust your partner!

I just returned from a family vacation in Colorado! It was a blast! I forgot how much I love being in the mountains...look out everyone I could totally see myself living there!! :) Hoping that we can do an LLE Ski/Snowboard day somewhere around the cities this winter! Stay tuned for that event to be planned!

We have been working hard already in the indoor. Some of us have been lucky to get out and ride in the snow on nice days too! Lots of no stirrup work, grid work, dressage, jockey stirrups and kids sure know how to work hard! Everyone is determined to cram as much learning into our indoor this winter as possible!

I really want to thank all of the 2012 LLE supporters that donated money, time, trucks, trailers, help, driving, grooming, mentoring, lessons, clinics, and everything. EVERY LITTLE THING HELPS! I look forward to continuing to work with everyone in 2013!

Stay tuned for more regular updates. Working on putting some online topics for students, fans and followers for the long winter ahead! I hope to update more often in 2013 - feel free to keep me on top of it! I love hearing that people want another blog or want to know whats going on! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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