Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Living a HiLife

Hi Guys!! Sorry it has been awhile since my last post!!! Hoping to say so long to ice fishing and snowboarding for awhile...I am SO ready for summer!

Above - ice fishing on Pelican Lake & snowboarding up at Lutsen Mountains

I wanted to start out with announcing my most recent sponsor - Katy Bloomquist Holub and HiLife Wellness Club! Katy generously became a product sponsor of her Herbalife products. I began using the products, proteins shakes, protein bars, snacks, tea, aloe and more. I am using the athletic line, called Herablife24 line.

I have noticed a huge difference and am feeling physically stronger and have way more energy then I used to have. The products have also helped me begin to eat better, I structure out what I eat throughout the day, rather then just not eat all day and pile it in at night...which if you know me, or really if you are a horse person, well you know how that goes!

So now, breakfast first thing in the morning, whether it is a bar, a shake or cereal, I have made sure to get eating right away to get the energy I need to perform throughout the day. The snack bars and soy nuts are great snacks throughout the day, I also will pack fruit, vegetables, string cheese and other small snacks that are easy to carry around with me to the farms I go to. Or if I have time, I'll try and make it home to eat something for lunch. Then I eat a normal dinner and try not to eat too late at night. They key is not to eliminate all of my favorite unhealthy foods, but to eat them in moderation, or only on ocassion. I find it very helpful! I also find that as I eat throughout the day, I really don't feel super hungry at night like I used to, because I was literally starving my body before I began eating better! A plus is that I am getting really good at making different shake concoctions too!

I also began working out using the Herbalife24Fit Workout DVDs. They have been great! They aren't too difficult that I don't want to do them, and they are just enough that I can feel it the next day. I have liked the progression so far and am getting ready to begin Phase 2 and looking forward to seeing more results! I already feel fitter and have lost a few pounds too! Swim suit season is just around the corner! I will also be picking up running a few days a week when the snow melts and the sand volleyball season starts the second weekend in April!

I attached links here if you want to learn more! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in the products! I have seen some great results from some very close friends that are doing Herbalife as well! I am really promoting healthy, fit, athletes for 2013 - I highly encourage everyone to get out there and GET FIT 2013!

HiLife Wellness Club Link:
Herbalife Link:
Herbalife24 Link:

And on to the ponies! February brought Lainey Ashker to the frozen tundra to teach a clinic at Elysium Farms. It was a great weekend! A few riders had private dressage lessons on Friday, followed by jumping on Saturday and Sunday. She had some really great exercises that she set up! The first day we did some grid work type exercises and worked on tight turns which set us up for the craziness on Sunday! We had a bending bounce line at the end of the ring in which you rode directly to and from other questions. We had two skinnies, and oxer to oxer question, a one stride line, and a bending/angled three stride to a one stride. All of which we rode in combinations to one another. It was really great and the exercises really helped me out with Lucy as well. I am bringing Lainey in for a series of clinics this summer! If anyone is interested there are a few remaining spots and it is filling up quickly! Contact me for the entry info!

I have also been getting involved in the Horsemanship side of things. I have now taken a couple one hour private lessons with Justin Mundt and learning his method - Justin Mundt Horsemanship. His technique has been very useful in teaching Lucy some better ground manners, standing still and overall respect. I also use his technique on another one of my training horses and it really helps to get him quick on his feet on the ground before I get on him. He respects my leg once I am on his back after doing the ground exercises. I look forward to continuing my work with Justin as well as getting him into Elysium Farms so that my other clients can see a Demo and get some lessons to understand how horses learn. For more information on Justin's program - click here. or here for his Facebook link -

Practicing standing skills!

Even though it is only the 6th - this month already seems over! I am out of town, actually the country, the 15-22 in Mexico! I return and have a Ralph Hill clinic 23/24, go down to Catalpa for a Camie Stockhausen XC clinic and the month is over! The first weekend in April I'll make the haul down the to Kentucky Horse Park for Spring Bay Horse Trials as the first outing of 2013! Yippee!! April comes busy with the first MN XC outing (hopefully - weather pending) that second weekend in April and Lainey returns the weekend before ROLEX! Lots of fun stuff to look forward to and a great jump start on the season!

Also put an order in for the 2013 clothing! The original LLE polo shirts are available as well as some new polo shirts and jackets. Working on getting a new pair of pants too!! Contact me if you want to order anything! Go Team LLE! Also working on some new exciting sponsors for 2013 that fit well with the GET FIT 2013 theme for the year! That's all for now and I will leave you with this challenge - Good luck and GET FIT!

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