Monday, October 15, 2012


Hi everyone! We have been having a fabulous October so far! All of my students were fabulous at Roebke's Run Horse Trials! Unfortunately my Grandpa passed away on September 24th. He had a great service at Mount Olivet Luthern Church on Friday October 5th & then I spent some much needed time with my family. We had a great time going through Grandpa's old things & hanging out with our cousins!

Then we had a COLD & WINDY Roebke's Run over the weekend! It actually snowed on Saturday morning & everyone woke up on Sunday to discover all the horse's water buckets had frozen - poor ponies! It was a really fun show! Emily & Tess were running Novice and had great jumping phases finishing in 9th. Sammy & Cinder moved up to their first Novice, earned their best dressage score to date a 30 & jumped clean around the XC and SJ to WIN their first Novice - congrats! Makenna & Echo had a GREAT MN last show! Not only did she take 2nd place in the Novice, but she won the North Country Eventing Challenge and the Pony Club Challenge taking home a total of $3000! Congrats! Lily and Hannah had a great run at Beginner Novice and finished in 2nd - Hannah really loves to get out on the cross country! Ellis and Rugged had a good first outing in a long time at Beginner Novice, finishing in 3rd place. Olivia and Taco had another wonderful run at Starter and took home 4th place. Jodi & Oliver had a terrific first EVER outing (welcome to the Dark Side of Eventing Jodi!!) and were great! A few bobbles in the Dressage but was fabulous in the jumping phases and she even got to take home a 6th place ribbon! CONGRATS EVERYONE!!! Roebke's Run in October always has a fun competitor's party because, well it's Halloween & there is a Costume Contest! It was too cold for me to dress up as anything but a hunter, so I straped on my Camo and went to the party. The kids however really got into it! Sammy & Cinder were a Nerd, and won a 3rd Place prize, Emily & Tess were Dorothy & the Lion, Olivia & Taco were a Baby and Lily & Hannah were a LLE Super FAN!!! It was a blast and another really well run and organized event! Thanks everyone!

Lainey has been doing wonders with Lucy!!! She moved up to Training at Middleburg Horse Trials and won on her dressage score of a 29.1. She ran another Training at Morven winning once again on her dressage score of a 28.6!!! The plan is to move her up to Preliminary at the Virginia Horse Trials the first weekend in November! GO LAINEY & LUCY!!!

It is that time of year again! I just returned from a relaxing weekend Grouse & Bow Hunting in Remer, MN. It was a blast! I have fun going up North! Didn't see any deer, but I got another Grouse to add to my list! :) Hoping to head up to Duluth in a couple weekends to Bow Hunt there too!

We are now getting ready to head off to the KY Horse Park!!! We leave at 3am on Weds!! The girls are really excited! Emily & Tess, Sammy & Cinder, and Makenna & Echo will be going Novice and are all on a team and Ellis & Rugged and Lily & Hannah are going Beginner Novice and on a team as well! It will be really fun! Then I fly from Lexington right to VA to visit Lainey & Lucy! I am also looking for horses for a couple clients! It will be a fun trip! More to come after I get back in town on the SECOND half of the month!!! Ride Strong 2012!!

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