Friday, February 11, 2011

2011 Updates - February

I can't believe we are heading into the middle of February already! So far this year has started out great! We are all happy and healthy at Liz Lund Eventing and Trophy Hill Farm. Kelsie Holbrook holds the fort down in the morning taking care of the horses, while Maria Filsinger usually heads up the pm chores. Also many thanks to Katy & David for helping keep an eye on things, as well as Jack Bloomquist and Morgan Samuelson for helping out with chores when needed!

Lucky me is writing this blog in my bikini on the beach while on vacation in Ft. Myers, FL - thanks to a private sponsor I am able to take this trip...much needed break from the cold! This vacation has caused my fingers to Google "Florida Boarding Barns" many never hurts to look! I think a winter in FL for some hard training time would do myself, my horses & clients some good! We all have to admit it feels good to be able to ride in a t-shirt in January!

We successfully hosted another Liz Lund Eventing Jumper Schooling Show. Surprisingly for January we had a great turnout! We look forward to having one more indoor jumper schooling show and then adding the outdoor schooling shows as the weather improves to include dressage, show jumping & some cross country!

Maria is officially my assistant trainer and working under me. She is taking care of riding horses and lessons while I am gone and will be helping out with lessons and coaching throughout the summer.

Hannah has been doing well, Maria is taking care of her riding and fitness while I am gone and she will be ready to rock and roll for her first show in April! Maria won the 3'3'' and 3'6'' classes on Hannah at our last schooling show with Janelle on Aristotle in a close 2nd!

Lucy is coming along well, understanding more and more each day that you don't have to ALWAYS jump 5 feet over a teenie tiny cross rail, or a ground pole. As her jumping improves I look more and more forward to getting her out on the cross country! My first show with her will hopefully be Otter Creek Spring.

Trophy Hill is going to be full with long term boarders Maria Filsinger & Pete, Kelsie Holbrook & Tess, Ashley Reut & Rory, Beth Reut & Benz, Mia Geraci & Cody, soon to be Gabi Geraci & her new horse (that we are STILL searching for) Janelle Johnson & Aristotle and of course Hannah B & Lucy Goosey. I also have a few horses coming in and out of training for short term periods. Looks like we may be looking for somewhere new to store our hay as we fill up the stalls!

I look forward to what the future holds for myself, my horses and all of my clients! Now I have to figure out how to bring some of this Florida warmth and sunshine home with me when I leave!

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