Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Wrap Up

I can't believe it has already been a year from when I was packing up to head to Ocala for a few months to make the most of the winter eventing season. As things progress and change I find reflection a useful tool in growing and learning from the past.

There were ups & downs in Florida, from getting the rigs stuck in the mud early in the morning heading out to horse shows, to winning Rocking Horse Spring at the Intermediate level. Overall, the near three months brought lots of learning experiences and new friends. Come mid-March I was ready to head back home to Minnesota and see my family, friends & clients. Surprisingly, it was quite warm when I came home, with the majority of the snow gone and show season ready to start. The main goal of going to FL was to get ready for the Otter Creek Spring CIC2*, and as I drove home through varying terrain and many different states, I knew I was ready.

I came home and began leasing Trophy Hill Farm, owned by Katy & David Holub in Cologne, MN. I operate a small boarding and training facility as well as teach trailer in lessons and host clinics out of the farm. Big thanks to Katy & David!

We were lucky to get to as many shows this year as we did, considering the loss of Maui Jim Horse Trials & Wayne DuPage Horse Trials, two major shows hosted at Lamplight right outside of Chicago, IL. Once back in MN, Hannah and I competed in our first CIC2* at Otter Creek and finished 2nd. We ran around Richland Park only to have a fall near the end of the course, but finished the season successfully back on home turf at Otter Creek Fall Horse Trials, taking 3rd in the Open Intermediate.

Juliette made quite the scene this year, owned by Katy Holub. Juliette made a large leap, literally, to the Preliminary level. At 13.3 hands those jumps were as big as she is, but she leapt over them with ease. She took 4th Place at Catalpa Corner and 4th Place at Otter Creek Fall - both at the Preliminary level. She is off to Florida to find a new home, and will make someone a very happy new pony owner!

Lots of students had great success competing in 2010 as well. Maria Filsinger & Pete made the move up to Preliminary and finished a few fall shows at the level, including a win at Wayne Fall Horse Trials. Their goals to qualify for the Young Rider Championships in 2011 and it looks to be in reach with a lot more hard work, only time will tell if this dream will unfold. Kelsie Holbrook & Tess quickly progressed up the levels from BN at Otter Creek Spring to finishing at Training level at Otter Creek Fall. Morgan Samuelson successfully rode the pony Ricky up to the Novice level after taking 2nd Place at their first BN recognized event at Catalpa Corner. With the addition of many more students to Liz Lund Eventing throughout the summer, we were flooded with kids at Fall Otter Creek. I would like to thank everyone for a WONDERFUL show season and congratulations to Maria Filsinger & Pete, Kelsie Holbrook & Tess, Morgan Samuelson & Ricky, Janelle Johnson & Ty, Ashley Reut & Rory, The Longe Family & Phoebe & newest member Milo, Savannah Ruhs & Grady, Jen Johnson & Loose Cannon, and Anna and Sarah Kate Pierro!

The team looks like it is growing even larger for 2011 as many of the new members look forward to attending their first recognized events. We look forward to continuing a very successful Rider Development Program through the Lead Hound Pony Club as well as expanding the Team to the East side of town through Rolling Hills Farm in Hugo, MN. Many new members were able to attend their first events this year, such as the Lead Hound Pony Club Schooling Show, Mega Rally, Pony Cup & the Liz Lund Eventing Schooling Show. There are a lot of new up and coming riders ready to hit the show scene this season. Keep your eyes peeled for Emily & Olivia Shirley, Mia & Gabi Geraci, Alex & Skye Lundahl, Olive Younquist, Makenna & Ellis Rold, Tayler Ittel, Katie & Aubrey Rossi, Belle Wanke, Elise Brann, Chelsea Flietman & all of the newest members of the team.

I am also developing an adult eventing team, starting with Maura Tierney & Deb Stern we are looking to expand the "wiser" eventers and keep Liz Lund Eventing growing with all ages & breeds! One of the newer adult riders is Isa, she takes lessons on Hannah at Trophy Hill when time allows. Contact me for more information at

Big thanks to the kid's parents, without you guys it would be hard to get a lot done! Organizing lessons, carpools to the barn, ride shares to horse shows, and more. Thanks for making my job easier!

In 2010 I became even more involved with the Pony Club and look forward to helping future "clubbers" strive to meet & exceed their standards for their up-and-coming ratings in 2011. We had fun during mounted rating-prep sessions this summer with Marianne Kelley, Maria Filsinger, Abby & Katy Turnacliff, Morgan Samuelson, & Kelsie Holbrook. In 2011, we plan to go even further by offering some D-Level Pony Club Camps as well as some Liz Lund Eventing Summer Camps.

Of course many thanks to my 2010 sponsors, professional advisors & supportive family: my mom - Sarah Bergstrom, & step-dad - John Bergstrom, my four siblings - Kiki, Maggie, Lauren, & Michael.

Jen Johnson DVM who provides Liz's horses with vaccinations, certifications and supplements she needs to continue competing,

County Saddlery for helping get Liz's name out there with a link on the County Saddlery Website under the "Friends of County" link -,

Kaesen Farms - Where Hannah was born & bred! Kae has been such a kind friend over the years, helping out anyway she can. She helps maintain my website, sends moral support & is always sending kind words!

I would also like to thank the team that cares for my horses, including Ken Larson DVM who does all my xrays and injections as well as teeth and Terry Dokken with Dokken Farrier Services who cares for my horses feet and keeps them in top condition at all times. Alison Sader Larson - dressage coach for me, Hannah, & Lucy. Katy Bloomquist - legal advisor & husband David Holub - Trophy Hill Owners. Jane Flanders with Great American Insurance LTD. - providing insurance for liability and equine insurance. Connie LaFond - accountant.

My boyfriend Bryan - I think we both work completely opposite hours, but we still find time to see each other. He has been very supportive and even trekked out to a horse show & a "horse" party...he has been great keeping me balanced & involved in the "real" world and making time for other fun things besides horses, like camping, hunting, fishing, volleyball and more.

I have also renewed my membership to the American Horse Trials Foundation (AHTF) and am again eligible to receive grant money towards my training and competition.

The AHTF is a nonprofit corporation established to assist Three Day Event Riders & Organizers in raising tax-deductible financial support for national and international competition.

Event riders who are bona fide national or international level competitors are eligible to apply for grants from the AHTF to further their preparation for Olympic or World Championship competition. At this time the AHTF beneficiaries include many of the top Eventers in the country including riders from the US Olympic & World Championship Teams. Since its inception in 1987, the AHTF has distributed over $2.2 million directly to Eventers for competition activities, while only about five percent of contributions have gone for the cost of administration.

The AHTF has been granted tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are deductibe to the maximum extent allowed by law. The AHTF is a member of the American Horse Shows Association, the United States Equestrian Team, and the United States Eventing Association, and participated in the United States Olympic Committee Job Opportunities Program.

To make a contribution through the American Horse Trials Foundation, go to and click on "Donate Using Just Give". Under "Designate my Donation" please indicate that you would like the funds to be used in support of Liz Lund's Training & Competition Costs.

With a lot of ups & downs throughout the year, we all came out having a great time and learning a lot. To top the year off I purchased Rhine Maiden, aka Lucy as a new eventing prospect for Liz Lund Eventing. I hope to find come spring she loves water, banks and ditches!

The 2011 season looks very exciting thanks to the addition of several new shows! Minnesota is adding THREE events, two held at the Schweiss Farm & another at the Kunz's farm in Delano. Otter Creek is also ADDING another event to the summer calendar. In addition to showing, LLE is also planning to do some mini-clinics with an emphasis on Dressage, Cross-country, & Show Jumping. I'm also looking forward to hosting several summer camps that will include both mounted and unmounted components, some for Pony Clubbers and some open to everyone! This is going to be a very fun, very busy year. I look forward to the snow melting and getting on the road to our first event. So far the plan seems to be to head to Lexington, Kentucky and compete at Spring Bay Horse Trials. Of course I look to continue teaching at the Lead Hound Pony Club Rider Development Program as well as maintaining regular riding lessons out of many different facilities.

We are in the process of putting together the 2011 LLE calendar and it is full of opportunities for everyone - stay tuned as it will be posted shortly. Overall - thanks to all my friends, family, clients, and my boyfriend for helping me and supporting me through this journey.

I welcome and suggest comments and suggestions, thoughts and ideas for the upcoming season! I look forward to it! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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ruhs said...

What a year to remember and celebrate. We are proud of you and proud that you are our daughters trainer. She loves her time with you and has grown significantly in a short period of time under your instruction and guidance as an eventer. She is eager for more and excited about the upcoming riding season and trying to qualify for USPC Nationals. Your drive and determination are incredibly motivating. Your equine passion is woven through all you do and your students adore you. May 2011 bring all you hope for yourself, your horses, your students and your business.