Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Preparing for Otter Creek Spring CIC2*

The winter season in Florida has paid off. Hannah is in great shape and we are ready to go to our first CIC2* at Otter Creek Spring Horse Trials in less than 2 weeks.

Last weekend I rode Hannah in the Ralph Hill clinic. Saturday was at Trophy Hill and Sunday was cross country at Carriage House. On Saturday we did a great exercise that worked on rhythm and keeping a steady pace, a balance and the correct leads. Hannah was jumping great, we ended the day in the water. On Sunday we warmed up like we would at a horse show over a x, vertical and oxer. Hannah was cracking over the large oxer and we headed to our start box and practiced leaving the box, getting in a rhythm and jumping a few fences. We then schooled banks, ditches and water. We schooled some tough bending lines and Hannah was right on for each one.

I also rode Juliette, the 14.1 hand grey pony owned by Katy Bloomquist Holub in preparation for her first outing of the year, training level at Otter Creek. She was also a rockstar over the weekend.

Today I rode Hannah & Juliette in dressage lessons with my dressage trainer Alison Sader Larson. I had two great rides, although the more Hannah gets fit the harder she is to ride in the dressage, but hopefully it will come together at the horse show.

I am planning on riding Hannah with Jimmy Wofford this weekend at Pine Meadow Farm in Delano, MN as a final preparation for the CIC2*. I will keep you posted after the weekend!

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