Monday, July 27, 2015

New Beginnings

Hello 2015! There is so much to write about I don't even know where to begin! It has been awhile since I have done a full heartfelt blog. So here goes nothin'!

2015 so far has been an incredible year with many new and amazing opportunities and experiences for me and it is only the end of May with a lot of the year left ahead of us. January 1st began an adventure in which I have high hopes to turn in to a tradition each winter.  

This winter in Ocala, FL brought me an influx of knowledge and experience. The lessons, competitions, friendships, relationships with past, current and new clients, friends and family and the input from everyone has really made it all more than worth it. I wouldn't change my experience in Florida for anything. With new experiences come inevitable changes and although some things changed at home while I was away, I was able to come back to a booming business and eager clients ready to feed themselves off of my new knowledge and experience.

As the world turns so do we.  Some doors close only to have new ones open that present growth and opportunity in ways you could sometimes never even dream of.

I am so lucky to have such a strong support system that continues to stand by me, picks me up when I am down, holds me accountable and allows me to grow and learn from my mistakes.

I am blessed to have made a transition to a new facility, Copeland Farms.  The Kelly Family has purchased a farm in Indepepndence in which I am able to run my program out of.  I say blessed and not lucky because it is not luck that takes us through life but choices and decisions on how to build and grow relationships.  Luck would be winning the lottery.

The new farm, Copeland Farms, is a beautiful facility.  It will be my new home and allow for me to take on more clients. Elysium Farm has been my home for the last 3.5 years and Peter & Tracy have been nothing but wonderful. Copeland Farms is now my opportunity to continue to grow my business.

I look forward to diving in as Barn Manager and Trainer to run one of the best Eventing & Dressage training facilities in the western suburbs.

So right now, to say the least, I have a very full plate!  My own two horses are progressing nicely in their training and Hannah is being loved as always. Marcia & Cat are leasing her currently and then Cat will be moving in to a full lease on her.  Lucy is continuing with her one tempis, passage & piaffe while Roxy is working hard to get ready for her CIC1* debut.

There have been so many highlights already this season as we head towards August, I can't believe the year is over half gone, it seems like it just began. We have had a few students move up to the next level, a working student, Meg, who was here for the summer has come and gone accomplishing her goal of passing her C3 at the end of her stay, Sam Kelly not only made the Area IV NAJYRC team, but she placed 9th out of 45 riders from around the country and Canada to help her team take home the 5th place ribbon.

I am in the works of finalizing our Open House date for Copeland Farms & then we will open the doors to accepting more Training clients! Looking forward to expanding my business and career! See you all at the next horse show!

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