Thursday, March 27, 2014

vida del amor la vida en directo

Translated - Live Life Love Life. I just returned from a nice week vacation in Mexico and it couldn't have been more rejuvenating. Maybe it was because I was only home for a day and am currently en route to Florida to help Sammy with her new horse and go to Rocking Horse. That could have helped. I have to say taking a week away from everything (mostly) was fabulous. It was a great chance to reflect on my business and look at how I want it to continue to grow. It was a great time spent with some close friends and their family members. Not only do we have quality time together as a group, but I am able to meet so many new, interesting people. I really enjoy conversations with strangers about life and love. I really just enjoy talking to new people. I met a very interesting young women that was on a 15 day vacation on her own. She was very nice and had some great stories. I met another girl and her family from Illinois and they were fun to hang out with as well. The staff at this resort were fabulous and very entertaining, and quite nice to look at. I'll make sure to post a photo in here. Although MN is very cold, I have high hopes that we are nearing the end of the cold and hopping into spring.

I am so excited for this year, I just have a great feeling about it. We return from Florida on Sunday and then its three quick days loaded with lessons, spring shots, farrier work, riding, packing and up and early Thursday morning to drive to the Kentucky Horse Park for Spring Bay Horse Trials with a handful of kids. Emily Shirley will be showing Raptor Force in the training, Sam Kelly & Someday Never Comes in training, Lily Geelan & Boo Ya in the Novice and Claire Henneman and Emma's Wish in the Beginner Novice. Natalie Johnson is also coming down this year to show her horse Brother Louis & will be hauling Beau home for the Kelly's.

April is filling up quite fast. My best friend's birthday is April 13th so we will plan something fun for her, and I am house/dog sitting for a close friend as well. Then I am off to Chicago with my mom & sister to visit my little sister Maggie. Then heading to Kentucky to cheer on my friends that will be kickin it around that 4* course at Rolex. Then we are off to our first dressage show of the year the first weekend in May at Otter Creek.

Check out this link of us working on our extended trot!

I would also like to announce the arrival of Little Lu to the farm!! She is a very good looking red head like her big sister Lucy, but she has four wheels and her breeding goes back to the sire Honda Rancher 420. She is pictured below! I can't wait to get her to her first show this year and see what her future holds.

I will make sure to blog on the way home about how the show this weekend goes. I am hoping to also see some other sale horses to keep in mind as I am hopefully looking for my next eventing prospect. Until then, stay warm and drop your stirrups!

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