Friday, September 13, 2013

Video Blogs

Wow okay that last blog was to say the least...huge! This summer picked up speed and never slowed down! It has been so much fun! Now that you're updated on the shows, I will try to go back to being more of a regular blogger. I figured I would make a blog about my Video Blogs from 2013. They will link to Facebook videos so if they don't work for some reason...please let me know! My settings are public on everything so it should - otherwise just add me as a friend! :)

First we will start off with some of the kids singing the Llama Song - it's a classic!
Llama Song!!

Next we have the Spring Bay Update from April!
Spring Bay Update

One of my favorites...Fox River Valley Update in June! (Check out Dana in the back)
Fox River Valley Results!

Busing out our bad accents with a recap on Roebke's Run!
Roebke's Run HT Recap!

Now on to Catalpa in August!!
Catalpa Bound!

On the way to Otter Summer!
Otter Summer!

Heading to Richland Park Horse Trials in MICHIGAN!
Richland Park!

Homeward bound from Richland!!
Richland Recap!

Those are a few of my video blogs!! Stay tuned to Facebook & my blog for the remaining video blogs!

We have had a very fun busy summer! All the horses and students have been practicing hard at home too!! Here is a video clip of Artie making a 4ft fence at the end of a grid look easy!
Artie Party!

There are a lot of other videos on Facebook & YouTube!! Feel free to check them out!

Facebook Videos

YouTube Videos


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