Monday, September 26, 2011

Otter Creek Fall 2011 - Sunday

Bright & Early morning at Otter Creek Farm! Fed horses and cleaned stalls. While they were eating we went up and walked the Intermediate & Preliminary show jumping courses one last time before we mounted. I went back to the farm to get ready while Maria cleaned and tacked Hannah. I mounted and headed up to warm up. She felt good in the warm up, warmed up nicely long and low and was jumping really well. Ralph helped us in warm up and then we headed down to the show jumping ring. The placings weren't close, so there was no pressure for placement, but I wanted to put in a double clear round as a end of the season ride.

I walked down to the ring and watched the ride go before me take down two tough rails. The course seemed to be riding nice, but the verticals were proving to come down. I entered the ring, saluted and cantered towards the first jump. Hannah was jumping out of her skin! She was clearing everything with plenty of room to spare and even saved my butt when I totally missed at our triple bar, she picked up her toes and carried me right over without touching a rail! The two stride to two stride rode very nicely. Overall the course was smooth and I was very pleased with our performance! We took home 4th place in the OI division! Go Lady Hannah B!

I was so proud of Hannah for finishing double clear in the show jumping!

Next up was Maria. Pete can be tough in show jumping as he tends to not care about knocking poles down. We needed 16 or less penalties in order to make sure Maria was able to qualify for the Kentucky CCI1*. Pete was knocking fences in warmup but we ended up on a good note hoping that he would pick up his toes in the ring. He jumped well but put in a few tics, which of course he didn't mind knocking a few rails. He knocked 4, cutting in close, but they were now qualified for Kentucky! Congrats!

Next up was Lucy. We didn't have a rail to spare with second place having a 28. They put the pressure on by jumping a double clear round. Lucy is still green in her jumping and although she tends to clear her jumps by a mile, she sometimes takes out rails with her hind end. Having an unfortunate rail at fence 6, a vertical we dropped down the 2nd place. I was still thrilled with her as she has been improving at every show! We also won the Area IV Low Point Adult Rider for the show! I found out it was the Champion's, Cassie Boehm's, birthday so that was a nice birthday present - Congratulations!

Lucy still maintains her lead in the North Country Eventing Challenge! One more show to go, lets keep our fingers crossed!

Next were the rest of the Novice kids, Morgan, Savannah & Kailey. Morgan was very pleased with her round having only one rail, in the sand she has regularly taken two rails - so she was thrilled & put in a very good ride. They finished just outside the ribbons in 9th place. Savannah took down two rails but had a very nice, rhythmical ride and finished in 7th place. Kailey also took down two rails but was thrilled with Nokomis' first Novice! They finished in 6th place. Congrats to all the Novice kids!

Another successful weekend for my horses and the Liz Lund Eventing Team! Congrats to everyone on the weekend! We had lots of fun, lots of new fun experiences, learned a lot & most of all had a great time supporting each other! Looking forward to Roebke's Run in two weeks! The final show of the North Country Eventing Challenge! Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks to all of my sponsors for all of your support!

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