Wednesday, March 23, 2011

& the winter blues continue...

Ughhh March 23rd and we are supposed to get another 6 inches. There is already a few inches on the ground. Will winter EVER end? A little over 2 weeks and we will be on the road to Kentucky! At least I have been able to get in some good trot and canter sets down the road before it iced over again!

The Holly Clinic on March 5/6 went well. Both the girls were in attendance and jumped well. I worked on keeping Hannah coming forward and Lucy nice and quite so that she doesn't over jump everything. We worked on bending lines, adjusting strides between fences and course work. I really enjoyed working with Holly and we hope to get her back after she has her baby in June! I wish her the best of luck and that the remainder of her pregnancy goes well. She will make a fun, great mom!

Hannah's jumping has been improving over the winter, I can't wait to get out of the indoor and work on some jumping outside. The first time may be at Spring Bay in April!

Lucy's jumping form is superb, although she is still over jumping I hope that will go away with more time, or when the height of the fence matches the size of her jump!

Kathy Theissen is back in town and has taken over the Brightonwood lessons again. Finally my schedule isn't so hectic, although I have a full barn at Trophy Hill now. Gabi Geraci has a new prospect on trial and we really hope that she will work out!

Benz had an unfortunate run-in with the fence and is on stall rest so that he can heal quickly, thank goodness there were no major injuries, just lots of scraps and a bruised ego.

Harry's training has been going well. He is now walk/trot under saddle off the longe line! He navigates around the fences in the indoor and even walks over poles on the ground. He has found confidence in me as a rider and trusts me now. Jess, his owner, has been coming out and watching his progress. I hope to have her on him soon, and maybe even cantering a few more weeks!

Kelsie & Tess are starting into a solid lesson program now after I tuned Tess up for a couple weeks. They will begin jumping soon and preparing for Otter Spring at Training level.

Ashley & Rory have been jumping well and he is responsive on the flat, now we hope he keeps up this energy as the weather begins (if ever) to warm up. She will be going out at Training Level at Spring Otter as well.

Maria & Pete have been working hard all winter, I think he is more fit then he was last summer considering Maria has been doing a lot of road work with him already! He will be starting up the season with a run at Prelim at Spring Bay in hopes to get qualifying runs for the CCI1* at Colorado in June. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for Pete to go in the water!!!

Morgan & Ricky have just started jumping as they will be getting ready to head out Novice for their first show at Otter Spring & they hope to qualify at our Regional Mega Rally for the USPC Championships in Lexington, KY this year.

Mia & Cody have been progressing quickly. I hope to take "Peppy's Nu Image" out Beginner Novice at Otter to give him a tune up run and then Mia will take him to Carriage House Combined Test and Roebke's Run for her first event!

If all goes well with Gabi's trial horse I will take her out Beginner Novice as well, since she comes from a H/J background, I will give her a test run and then Gabi's plans will match Mia's. They both hope to do another USPC Rating this year as well!

Janelle is working hard to bring Ty back from the winter so they can head out Novice at Otter Spring.

Well that takes care of the "Trophy Hill Gang". A lot of other kids are away on Spring Break, due to the weather lessons were canceled for the day so I am catching up on updates!

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