Thursday, February 18, 2010

Florida 2010 Update #2!

Finally the sun is beginning to warm us up down here...It was 25 degrees this morning, I didn't come here for cold weather...oh well, at least we have sunshine and good horse life down here! I am so grateful for being down here and having the chance to be able to compete during the winter season and get a head start on the 2010 competitions.

Things have been great down here. Autumn's horse, Alpek had a successful surgery to remove the tumor in his nostril, he is healing up well and the tumor was benign and he will come back to work as soon as his face heals. She recently purchased a new horse, The Real Deal, who is an Irish boy and is a ton of fun! She has successfully competed him at two training level events now, taking 3rd place at Rocking Horse II this week. She is doing her first preliminary on him this weekend at Rocking Horse III. Lark is moving her horse Pelaar up to Novice at the weekend and Philly will be riding Rockstar (Rich N' Famous), Proximo and Oliver (Prince Charming). Another busy weekend ahead of us, the work never seems to end but we are all having a great time!

I have met some nice people at the tack store, Winning Edge, owned by Ed McNamara and really enjoy working there a few times a week. Our days of full of work, showing, chores, riding and cleaning!

I am taking Hannah to Rocking Horse III this weekend and we are competing in the Intermediate Rider division. She has been really good on the flat this week, I have been working her in her double and she is really coming into the contact well and not throwing her head and front legs in the I am hoping for a quality test tomorrow. I had a jump school on her last night with Philly and we worked on jumping down the hill with bending lines to skinnies and making sure that on the landing stride she is on the half halt and waiting for ME to tell her where to go rather then just landing and galloping on like she thinks she knows what is next...we had some issues with that last fall at Wayne DuPage. Now that I have her listening a lot better I hope to jump clean at our first Intermediate of the season.

Mr. Max has been doing well and enjoying the Florida weather. He did his first jumper show at HITS week I and did great! I have a few interested people in him so I am hoping to get him sold before I head back north, in less than a month now!

I will keep updates through the weekend!

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