Sunday, April 19, 2009

Show Prep

*As published in the Cross Country Magazine from CSDEA
2009 Show Checklist
By:Liz Lund

The following equipment list can be used for just about any equestrian discipline but is mainly focused around Eventing and Dressage. Depending on the type of show you are going to, the distance you need to travel and the amount of time you will be there will require slightly different supplies. Also depending on your horses needs some will have to bring more and some less. Anyone who has shown before realizes that there can be some stressful times before entering the show ring. Being prepared to go to a show will help reduce these stressors. The following list can be cut out and copied for future use.

* Rider Equipment

-Show Coat
-Dress Shirt
-Breeches (white/tan/light colored depending on type of show)
-Stock Tie/Pin or Rat Catchers
-Hair Net
-Helmet/Top Hat
-Bobby pins/hair spray
-First Aid Kit
-Safety vest
-Medical armband
-Dressage whip/jumping crop
-XC Watch

* Horse Equipment
-Grooming Supplies
-Hoof pick
-Coat shine
-Mane/Tail detangler
-Braiding Kit
-Hoof polish
-Bug spray
-Tack cleaner
-Saddle pads
-Other extra riding equipment: breast plate/martingale/etc.
-Leg wraps/boots
-Stud Kit
-Bathing Supplies: bucket/sponge/sweat scraper/shampoo/conditioner/etc.
-Coolers/Blankets/Fly Sheet
-First Aid Kit

* Stall Equipment
-Hooks & clips
-Stall guard
-Hay, with hay net if necessary
-Feed and supplements
-Salt block or electrolytes
-Bridle hooks
-Saddle Rack
-Hose attachment

* Trailer Supplies
-Extra tack: stirrup leathers/reins/etc.
-Tools: needle nose pliers/hammer/wrench/etc.
-Spare light bulbs for trailer lights
-Trailer jack or ‘trailer buddy”
-Tire Iron
-Spare Tire
-Duct Tape
-Spare gas can
-Water container for long road trips

Some things that can be done before you leave for a show are things like bathing your horse, clipping stray hairs, cleaning your tack and making sure all of your own show clothes are clean. Packing of the trailer and gear should all be done the day before you plan on leaving to reduce stress or a late leave time. Grooming supplies should be brought in order to keep your horse clean throughout the show, blankets and slinkies/sleazys can be used to prevent manure stains overnight at horse shows. Make sure to have a COGGINS and HEALTH CERTIFICATE when traveling, it is required by law.

Other accessories and necessities can include a rule book, which you should be familiar with to make sure you are using the correct tack and equipment and won’t get eliminated for something silly like wearing bell boots in your dressage test or a standing martingale at an event. Be familiar with the discipline you are showing, but ultimately people learn from mistakes, so take into account that every show you go to is a learning experience. Write down what you forgot or things you had to borrow, take note to new rule changes and always keep yourself updated. After horse shows can almost be just as stressful and everything tends to just get thrown back in the trailer. Make sure when you are done at a show that everything is re-packed and put where you will find it again to make going to your next show a breeze. Re-organize your trailer when you arrive at home and know where everything you will need is, re-stocks anything else you may have used or forgotten.

I wish you all the best of luck this 2009 show season!

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