Wednesday, July 30, 2008

summer time updates

Sorry guys, it has been awhile! I have been really busy this summer!

The ups and downs of the non-stop round the clock sport never end!

Latest news: Addition to training, Cover Story aka Kelso, owned by Jennifer Johnson DVM. He is a 5 year old Warmblood cross who had been in training with local dressage trainer Lindsay Fuchs. Lindsay did a phenomenal job with Kelso and he came to me early June to start his eventing career! With a great base that Lindsay put on Kelso he has been pretty easy going, minus his "I want to be in charge" and clumsy trip over his own feet on occasion moments he has been coming along well. I hope to aim him at Trott Brook Horse Trials as his first event outing.

Miss Hannah B has turned into quite the dressage horse! We have attended two more dressage shows in July. Parkside Dressage was the weekend of the 4th of July, we competed in second and third level receiving various ribbons and qualifying scores. Next was Midsummer Dressage at the WA Cty Fair Grounds. We competed again in second and third level receiving even better scores then at Parkside Dressage.

Also, Midsummer Dressage was Kelso's first outing to a show. After quite a display of stubbornness on Saturday he stepped up to the plate on Sunday to put in a great test receiving 6s & 7s on most movements!
Currently Kelso & Hannah are in Michigan at Ford Creek Farm in training with Philippa Richards for two weeks until I return back to Michigan on August 11th to continue working with the horses. I had (so torturous! wink wink) to stay back in MN because of family obligations and a camping/concert trip with friends in early August.

I have been working hard on writing for other articles (see my CSDEA post about Otter Creek) and also see my following post which was published on the USEA Blog website.

check out my article on Philippa Richards: USEA Blog-Philippa Richards

I began creating a website for Philippa Richards also, which can be viewed here: PHEVENTING.COM

I have cut back on training and lessons for the month of August as I will be heading off to Michigan and then returning to UW-Stout on September 1st.

September is full of fun horsey plans.
5-7: USDF Regional Dressage Championships/Midwest Dressage Championships-Mason City-IO on Worth the Wait competing in the Training Level Championships
11-14: American Eventing Championships on Hannah in the JYR-Prelim Division Championships
20-21: Dressage Festival Under the Stars on Worth the Wait at Training Level and 1st Level
26-28: Otter Creek Fall HT & Area IV Championships on Hannah competing in the Preliminary Championships

Here are some attached pictures from my summer adventures!!!

Stall card at Lost Hounds Horse Trials in PA. Withdrew b/c they cancelled XC due to heavy amounts of rain.

Jordynn Sahagian and I buzzing around on the mini-bike at Lost Hounds Horse Trials.

Hannah trying to steal Alfie's hay on our way to XC Schooling in Michigan.

Riding one of Philippa's sale horses, Sylish Tuxx.

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