Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trott Brook Farm Horse Trials 2007

Trott Brook! I love this show because it is so close to home and Kim and Kevin Voller (owners) are great people! I arrived to the show on Friday and unloaded Hannah and got her settled into her stall and unpacked all of my gear. I walked the course and tacked up Hannah for a dressage school. She was very good in the school and we were ready for the next day.

After staying up till about midnight and braiding horses I went back to the trailer I was sleeping in and curled up under the blankets. I woke up early the next morning to braid a few more horses and get ready for my dressage ride. We had a great ride and I settled into third place with a 34.1. We were ready for XC. Last year I had a runout at the corner on the top of the hill so I was determined to ride it and get over it the first try. We ran around the XC course and it felt great, a lot better than last year and we had great spots to most of our jumps. We came in double clean for XC.

The next day was show jumping. I was in first after cross country and the second place person was a rail behind me. The rider ahead of me put in a double clean round and I was determined to do the same. Our round was going great and we came to a triple line up a head that was a long one to a long one. We got a terrible spot to the first jump and I really had to ride to get through the line and luckily we left all of our rails up and jumped double clean and received first place! It was an awesome weekend!

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